Kickstarter Live!


We are proud to launch our Kickstarter for 103!

Lily has never been quite like other people. Since she was a child, her wild imagination and strong memory have given her the talent to create her own home. A place in her mind away from the dangers of the world, to keep her dreams and memories safe.

But during a night out with her friends, something happened. Something terrible and now her life has changed forever. Help Lily use her imagination to unlock her memories and relive the events of that night.

Discover what happened and what is 103, a first-person mystery adventure video game developed by Dystopia Interactive.

Coming December 2018 to Windows, Mac and Linux.

See the HD trailer here.

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We at Dystopia Interactive not only believe in making meaningful games, but accessible and polished to a high quality standard. The reason we decided to set up a Kickstarter is to get us over the line in funding the remainder of our legal and development costs. Primarily so we can spend more time working on the game and less on business and formalities.

In addition, we care about accessibility. So our goal is to bring 103 to major platforms such as PS4, Xbox and Nintendo Switch. As well as add additional language support for smaller countries not included in our primary set. Help us make this a reality so it can be ready on release day.

Below you’ll see one of our Kickstarter rewards. A six inch plushie of Wilbur! Perfect for your desk or bag accessory.



Current beta testing of the game has given an average play time between 2-3 hours.

We are currently calculating the sale price. But it is expected to be between $10-15 at release this December, available via Steam. Then eventually through other methods more publicly accessible.

For development, we are currently in beta phase and progressing to our schedule. The original release is set for December 2018. We have the skills and time to deliver the game we want to make as long as we have a successful Kickstarter. Our team is completely dedicated to the project and will do everything they can to stay on track.

Any major risks and challenges that we will come across will be during our possible cross-platform releases. Although our team has experience in developing games for PC, moving over to consoles and devices is a new field for us but we are up for the challenge. This is why we have not set a release date for them, to give us enough time to understand and execute the process of shipping to other platforms.


Thank you!